Interested in a Reverse Mortgage?

Talk to One of Our Specialists to See if a Reverse Mortgage is Right for You.

Key Features:

  • You remain the owner of your home
  • You age in the comfort of your own home
  • Your repayment is deferred
  • Your loan is Federally-insured
  • You can get income just for living in your home



  • You must be at least 62
  • The property must be your primary residence
  • Your home must be paid off or have a low mortgage balance
  • You must be able to afford future housing costs
  • You must have no delinquent federal debt
  • You must satisfy property requirements
  • Meet with a HUD-approved counselor

Our reverse mortgage program helps borrowers throughout South West Florida cover financial expenses based on the equity they have in their home. Borrowers can use these funds to achieve short-term financial goals, cover expenses, and have more peace of mind during their golden years. If you are looking at a reverse mortgage in the Fort Myers, Naples, or surrounding areas, here are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • Various Options to Receive Money – You can obtain the funds in multiple ways, namely as a lump sum, a term payment, a tenure payment, or a line of credit.
  • Tax-Free Funds – Money coming from a reverse mortgage is typically tax-complimentary.
  • Non-Recourse Loan – A reverse mortgage is a non-recourse loan, which means your heirs will not be liable to sell the house if it goes for less than the balance of the loan
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Important Disclaimers and Reminders
When applying for our reverse mortgage program, it’s important that you read the following disclaimers:

HECM Disclaimer
No government agencies and departments have endorsed, sponsored, reviewed, or approved the content in this marketing advertisement.

On top of these disclaimers, we would like to remind individuals interested in getting a reverse mortgage to speak with an expert regarding possible risks and advantages. The FHA requires applicants to join an independent counseling session to make sure that they sufficiently understand the process behind the reverse mortgage program and confirm if the program is suitable for their needs.
Once you have carefully weighed your options, get in touch with Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

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