Local Control

Local Control, National Support

Having a large national team doesn’t mean giving up control of the loan process. It means that along with local support, including an in-house disclosure specialist, a processor, and our very own underwriter, we have the corporate support to help with marketing, closings, and IT help for the numerous platforms we utilize.


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The Best Community Lender is Your Branch

We’ve launched independent branches across the nation, from single person offices to fully staffed branches. You provide the winning team and the drive for success and we supply teams of specialists to get you ready for whatever you need to tackle along the way. We’ll help set up CRM systems, HR services, maintain compliance, give marketing support and provide whatever other resources and profitability analysis to allow you to scale.


Strength and Stability

Steady Growth

In 2009, when the housing bubble rocked the market and severely impacted so many businesses, PRMI grew. We play the long game and that means you can thrive regardless of the market conditions.
Whether you choose to work within an established branch or want to start your own, our support staff of over 300 helps manage the details for you so you can focus on what matters most: Originating loans!


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More Choices, More Customers

Our history with the industry players has allowed us to grow one of the widest portfolios in the nation. Over 300 products, plus individual bond programs, allow us to meet almost every customer financing scenario.
  • 100% No-MI conventional*
  • 100% USDA and VA*
  • Reverse mortgages
  • OTC, construction & renovation loans
  • Down payment assistance
  • Manufactured homes
  • Low down-payment jumbo products
  • Fixed-rate, Adjustable-rate and Interest-only options
*Closing costs and fees may still apply


Award Winning, Nationally Recognized

We built the company we wanted to work for, from the top down-and it shows. Industry publications consistently name us one of the top mortgage companies to work for and a leading mortgage lender. Our 20-year growth proves that success and integrity go hand-in-hand and that happiness is an important growth strategy. It’s also what helps make us unique.


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Our executive team became trusted consultants to powerful policymakers, including the White House Economic Advisory Team, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Mortgage Bankers Association. We are consistently at the table having crucial conversations that help shape the mortgage landscape.


Tools and Technology

Digital World, Personal Connections

As a mortgage specialist, you have the knowledge to guide customers to the right products and help them navigate the loan process from consultation to funding. Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. wants to make sure your skills reach as many customers as possible.
We’ve invested in a diverse suite of marketing services to increase your visibility, capture more leads and elevate your personal brand. Here’s the best part about our technology products: you don’t have to spend time keeping up with the latest trends because not only do we invest in the technology, we also provide the staff to make it work for you.


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ClickApproval This secure application allows customers to complete the loan process right from their phone, tablet or computer. The software can instantly verify income and assets, and borrowers can upload documents right into the app.
MonitorBase This software generates leads based upon monitored behavior changes and can instantly match your borrowers with potential loan products.
Mortgage Coach This tool empowers customers through personalized mortgage education, helping them feel confident in their mortgage decisions.
Surefire This CRM system automatically updates your customers with creative, smart videos, keeping them informed each step of the loan journey.
MBS Highway A cutting-edge digital platform that helps industry professionals interpret and forecast activity in the mortgage rate and bond markets, so you know when to lock, when to float and why. Additionally, the coaching videos have been shown to dramatically increase conversion ratios, from conversation to application.
ListReports Automatically send co-branded marketing materials such as infographice, sign riders, flyers and single-property websites to your industry associates as soon as their listings hit the market.



Personal Values, Professional Growth

Our values guide every decision we make and give us a solid foundation to achieve our mission to be a nationally respected, locally known home loan company whose purpose is to finance homeownership goals through a positive and personal experience.
At PRMI, happiness isn’t just one of our core values, it’s the cornerstone of our culture and informs every decision we make—especially when it comes to Loan Originators. As good as you are at what you do, nothing beats having a team that is committed to your quality of life and understands what you need to succeed.


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Giving Back Makes Us All Stronger

At PRMI, we don’t just invest in our employees, we invest in our communities. We believe that giving back makes us better people and a better company. PRMI Giving Network partners with local and global charitable organizations to create real change through nutrition, service and education.



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